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Portfolio Design

Client Risk Profile

Each client’s portfolio is custom designed, and assessing risk tolerance is paramount to the process. In order to determine the right amount of risk a client’s asset allocation can accept to meet their objectives, we make the time to listen. Planning meetings can be all encompassing and often involve the discussion of non-financial matters in an effort to integrate our clients’ life goals into their financial plan. Our discussions lead us to an agreement on the levels and types of risk that are appropriate for a given client’s situation.

Cash Flow Analysis

Among the most important variables to weathering any investment climate is that cash flow can be generated to meet all lifestyle requirements. We model cash sources and uses to ensure that assets are positioned to meet any forecasted need.

Investment Policy Statement

Once the right risk profile and cash flow requirements are properly determined, we often establish an investment policy statement to accurately reflect the long term goals of our client and the investment thought process from which to attain them. This statement serves as a guideline, and is revisited when potential changes to the portfolio are proposed.

Asset Allocation & Implementation

A client’s risk profile, investment horizon, liquidity and cash flow requirements are all assimilated into an investment policy and ultimately implemented through an asset allocation.  Asset allocation is a dynamic process that is reviewed frequently to adapt to our outlook and to the changing needs of our clients. A detailed historical analysis of this supplemented by our view on how the future may vary to help us to make the right choices for each client situation. Our independence means that we have access to best in class managers across all asset classes.


Morgan Cowen investment professionals operate as one team, applying one investment philosophy and process across our core strategies.

We believe that indices are historic and do not reflect future opportunities. Therefore, we are not influenced by the benchmark or our peers, preferring to focus on growing the absolute value of clients’ capital over the long run. These beliefs are reflected in our fundamental quality stock driven approach, and our portfolios have a high active share.

Quality is essentially determined by all internal as well as external factors impacting a business and its long-term prospects. However, we believe that...

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We have a long-established interest in Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) issues. We believe that ESG issues can affect the performance of investment portfolios to varying degrees across...

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Our unwavering pursuit of this goal has established us as a preeminent investment management firm. Today, our firm remains investment centered and guided by a corporate strategy that focuses on maximizing our clients' returns.

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Diverse Product Line-up

Morgan Cowen offers a broad range of investment products. Our management teams are guided by well-defined, repeatable investment processesand are dedicated to fully invested, active management approaches.

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Allocation Expert Tool

The Allocation Expert Tool is a proprietary model developed and enhanced internally with assistance from external resources, including a number of leading academicians and other experts. Our AET is a financial simulation tool that we utilize to assist our clients with the asset allocation decision. With this tool, we help our clients understand the expected outcomes...

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As a fully independent wealth advisor, we search and evaluate from the entire universe of investment ideas. We manage client portfolios to optimize performance, cost, and tax efficiency across active and passive vehicles in both traditional and alternative investments.

Investment Research and Selection

We evaluate hundreds of investment ideas annually to focus only on the select few that meet our criteria of attractive risk adjusted rates of return, timeliness, and a focus on wealth preservation.

Fixed Income Investments

Bonds are often an integral part of investment plans, particularly where wealth preservation is a paramount goal. Not captive to any one trading desk, we are able to search for bonds from various bond dealers to make the best selections for our clients.

Alternative Investments

The risk/return and often non-correlated characteristics of alternative investments can make them attractive additions to traditionally positioned portfolios. We may seek attractive investment opportunities among hedge funds, real estate, and private equity offerings depending on market conditions.

Family Office Services

Estate Planning and Gifting Strategies

Depending on client goals, there are numerous estate planning vehicles available for our clients to consider. We can help educate our clients and their beneficiaries on various planning techniques before they meet with their attorneys.

We then work closely with our clients’ counsel in planning and modeling the multi-generational elements to family wealth.

Personal Financial Statements

Wealth management is a dynamic as well as a visual process. Good decisions begin with accurate and complete information and a logical way in which to view it. We provide clients with regular, comprehensive and useful views of their finances.

Aggregate Performance Reporting

Morgan Cowen has invested to create a proprietary report that provides clients a comprehensive performance evaluation of their portfolios at regular intervals.

Tax Record Preparation

We work closely with client tax advisors to assemble and aggregate the tax impact of investment strategies to simplify the task of tax return preparation.

Additional Services

Many of our client families seek our help in non-investment related areas. We welcome those requests and where it makes sense to deliver those services directly, we do. Often, there are better or more cost effective alternatives outside our firm and we seek out and evaluate those alternatives.

We maintain a network of firms with specialty knowledge in many areas of interest to our clients and will coordinate the seamless delivery of those services.