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With an independent focus that encourages and rewards initiative, industry-leading investment and wealth management support, Morgan Cowen is the leading choice for investment professionals who want to build a successful wealth management practice.

Why Morgan Cowen

If you’re looking for the support you need to build a successful wealth management career, Morgan Cowen offers several advantages. Here’s what a career with us can offer you:

A trusted and respected brand

Being a member of the Morgan Cowen team you’re backed by the strength, stability and expertise of a firm that has a proven track record in the investment and wealth management business.

Our Investment Advisors, Portfolio Managers and Branch Support Staff enjoy the benefit of the Morgan Cowen brand - a valuable asset that’s instantly recognized and associated with trust, confidence and stability.

An entrepreneurial culture

We know that you are high achieving, self-assured, disciplined, competitive, driven, empathetic - all qualities of our most successful Investment Advisors and support staff.

That's why our support infrastructure focuses on helping you service clients, manage assets, build your own business and grow your career. As a member of the Morgan Cowen team, here are just some of the things you can expect:


Morgan Cowen investment professionals operate as one team, applying one investment philosophy and process across our core strategies.

We believe that indices are historic and do not reflect future opportunities. Therefore, we are not influenced by the benchmark or our peers, preferring to focus on growing the absolute value of clients’ capital over the long run. These beliefs are reflected in our fundamental quality stock driven approach, and our portfolios have a high active share.

Quality is essentially determined by all internal as well as external factors impacting a business and its long-term prospects. However, we believe that...

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We have a long-established interest in Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) issues. We believe that ESG issues can affect the performance of investment portfolios to varying degrees across...

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Our unwavering pursuit of this goal has established us as a preeminent investment management firm. Today, our firm remains investment centered and guided by a corporate strategy that focuses on maximizing our clients' returns.

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Diverse Product Line-up

Morgan Cowen offers a broad range of investment products. Our management teams are guided by well-defined, repeatable investment processesand are dedicated to fully invested, active management approaches.

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Allocation Expert Tool

The Allocation Expert Tool is a proprietary model developed and enhanced internally with assistance from external resources, including a number of leading academicians and other experts. Our AET is a financial simulation tool that we utilize to assist our clients with the asset allocation decision. With this tool, we help our clients understand the expected outcomes...

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All the tools you need – right at your desktop

We’ll provide you with the post powerful desktop tools and technologies to help build your business and grow your career.

Customized training and mentoring

At Morgan Cowen we know that our employees are our most important assets. That’s why we provide customized training solutions to help you succeed in your role, effectively manage your practice and stay on the leading edge.

Our branch management team is also the strongest in the industry. They know what it takes to build a successful investment and wealth management advisory business because they have done it themselves.